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Telecommunications Heritage Group

Who we are

The THG is a society for everyone interested the technical, organizational & social history of Telecommunications. The Telecommunications Heritage Group members in the UK and around the world who have interests that include telephones, switching systems, telegraphs, payphones and kiosks and other hardware.

The complete heritage of telecommunications – civil, military, transport, public, private, ancient and modern, British and foreign – is studied across the membership.

A brief history of UK telecommunications

The constitution of the THG is set out on this page.

What we do

A wide expertise pool of knowledge, research, publications, help and advice on all aspects of telecommunications.

Through our membership we can offer help on particular subjects such as kiosk restoration and railway telecommunications. Some enthusiasts own restored vehicles or telephone kiosks, whilst others are responsible for running complete multi-exchange telephone systems on preserved railways, using vintage telephone equipment.

We also have a regular journal full of articles, hints, tips and news.

We have Facebook and Twitter pages too; access them from the logos at the foot of this page. Both the Facbook and Twitter are open to all, not just members.

To support our members we run ‘swapmeets’ (bring and buy meetings) several times a year. There is a ‘online virtual swapmeet’ on facebook. This has been created for members only for selling, buying, exchanging and asking for any wanted telecomms equipment.

A list of our events an events calendar appears here. We also tell our members about events through Social Media and our email group.

The THG has members who run legacy systems that they connect together the CNET (Collectors NETwork) system using the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) private exchanges.

We have links with other organisations that have a telecommunications purpose or exhibits.

Why join us

Join us if you currently work or have ever worked in telecommunications or simply have an interest in the subject and would like to know more.

Join us if you want to complete a telecommunications restoration project.

Join us if you study or research the subject from the deeply technical to the social and organisational.

We offer: Electronic, European, UK and Worldwide membership, there are more details on the membership pages.

Join us today.